Research Interests


Bridging micro- & macroevolution

Evolution requires variation among individuals. Within-species adaptation (microevolution) and the formation, survival and proliferation of new species (macroevolution) depend upon a distinctive set of traits that characterise individuals of a particular species. Attempts to understand evolution usually take each trait on its own, however. This isolation leaves a fundamentally incomplete picture of the processes that drive diversification because it neglects how individual form constrains the response to selection. I propose instead an individual-based perspective, using ecology to understand the bridge between micro- and macroevolution. The University of Southampton’s e-Voice made a video of my plans.

Images on right from the GLOW research cruise (Kroon et al., unpub.), except bottom which is copyright Tracy Aze, University of Oxford.

Macroevolutionary dynamics

Transient demography

Adaptation via maternal inheritance