Research Interests


Bridging micro- & macroevolution

Macroevolutionary dynamics

My current research on the bridge between micro- and macroevolution builds on a PostDoc on macroevolution in Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera in collaboration with Andy Purvis, Paul Pearson, Tracy Aze and Gavin Thomas, which aimed to understand drivers of speciation, extinction and diversification of species. Key results on Cenozoic macroperforate planktonic foraminifera included:

  1. -differential impacts of competition and climate change on extinction risk & speciation probability;

  2. -rejection of van Valen’s law;

  3. -no uniform “carrying capacity” for all species and for all climates;

  4. -stronger estimates of biotic competition in evolutionary species than morphospecies.

Tiago Quental and I have been awarded a FAPESP/UoS partnership award to continue this work and identify the regulators of biodiversity in deep time. Our first workshop on this topic was in September 2014.

Images on right from the GLOW research cruise (Kroon et al., unpub.), except bottom which is copyright Paul Pearson, Cardiff University.

Transient demography

Adaptation via maternal inheritance